Photography for me is a life-long passion. There has always been something special about being able to capture the world around me and portray it in a unique way. That has been the driving factor behind the last 20 years of my photography.

My journey started during my childhood and I blame my parents, sort of! They had received a ‘free gift’ when they singed up for some kind of offer or membership-type thing. It was an old style film SLR camera with a single 35mm lens – a very basic knock-off, so basic in fact it was actually broken. As I had attained the great age of six, it meant I could get my hands on it.

I remember very clearly the feel of that camera in my hands. There was something satisfying about the noise that the shutter made when you clicked the button - it was really loud! More than that though, I could look through the viewfinder and see the world as I wanted to see it. By applying typical boy-hood logic, if I couldn’t see someone in the viewfinder then they didn’t exist. This proved a magical way of making people disappear! Sadly though I have grown up now, a bit.

The passion for photography has stayed ever strong, growing alongside me and evolving as both I and my interests have. The advent of digital photography provided a platform on which to build and I spent many years photographing wildlife, nature, flowers, close-ups, landscapes, seascapes and anything else I thought looked good.

Then I decided to take the plunge into weddings & portraiture and I haven't looked back since. What was incredibly exciting was the ability to capture & portray human emotion through the expression of the subjects. It's always possible to convey an emotion through an image, but to portray a human emotion through expression was new and exciting to me. A photograph, more so than most other things, will transport a person back to exactly how they felt at the time the photograph was taken. If I could capture a strong or powerful feeling then I had made an image that would remain strong or powerful forever.   

My first wedding was a real baptism of fire in the world of portraiture photography and I loved it! 





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